Best American Android Betting Online

On our site you will find links to the best online sports betting sites in the USA. These sites are the best for a variety of reasons. However one of the reasons that are very important to many American bettors is that these top sites offer some great Android betting functionality. What this means is that bettors can place bets directly from their Android handheld device. As you will no doubt know, this is by no means all there is to the pastime of online sports betting!

Depending on whether you are a professional bettor, or somebody who just feels like trying their luck with a single bet at the next Super Bowl, the type of bettor you are will influence what you are looking for from the top online betting sites in the USA. For instance, professional bettors tend to look very carefully at statistics, averages, past results, team or player commentaries, and the list goes on. These types of bettors tend to wager more with their head, and try to take emotion out of the equation as much as possible. If you are interested in android betting, then the top sites provide access to much of this information, or often provide details about where you can find the information you are looking for. However, if you are a bettor that just wants to place a single bet, like on who you think will win this year’s Super Bowl, then you might not be as interested in all those statistics, and just want to follow your head and wager on your favorite team.

The great thing about wagering at the top online sports betting sites in the USA is that every single bet does have a chance of winning, and so just by placing a bet you can be in line with a chance of a big win!

Android betting at the Top USA Betting Sites

Take a look at the list of the top online betting sites in the USA which all offer Android betting capabilities. The sites have been optimized for use directly from you Android device, making betting even easier. In addition, the sites offer mobile betting apps which can be downloaded directly onto your Android device. This means that for bettors trying out android betting, they can wager directly from the online site, or otherwise by downloading the mobile app. Whatever your preference might be, it has never been easier to enjoy the fantastic world of online sports betting.

Great Promotions with Android Betting

The top online sports betting sites in the USA that are listed here also offer some incredible promotions. From signing up bonuses, to refer- a- friend specials, to free bets, these great deals are all available to those making use of their android smartphone or tablet. Bettors are advised to keep an eye open for these great deals, as they can very often translate into extra betting credits, or into allowing you to place bigger bets than you might normally have gone for. It’s important to read the terms and conditions, but more often than not, you will find a special promotion that applies to you directly. Android betting is a whole lot of fun and the great thing it that often the fun can result in you winning some serious cash!