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If you have never placed a bet on horse racing before, then you can be easily intimidated by the foreign terminology which is often involved with betting on this sport! For instance, the term totes might be entirely foreign to you. What is a tote, you might ask? A tote is a pooled bet, which is comprised of the bet of a number of other bettors who are betting on the same race. The best online totes will point you in the direction of the best totes, which grant you the greatest possible chance of placing a winning bet that will reward very well.

Knowing about the best totes for online betting can really make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful bet. When you browse our site, which hosts a comparative list of the USA’s best online sports betting sites, you will see that many of them offer invaluable betting advice and sports betting guides. They will also offer you a guide to the best online totes available to you for particular races. Take advantage of this superb guidance when you place your next horse racing bet. You are likely to make a far more promising bet when you consult a reliable guide to the best totes for you to bet on.

Betting on totes is a great way for novice punters to get started in the pastime of online sports betting. They offer very helpful guidance, and so can make you feel much more at ease with the betting process as a whole. However, referring to the best online totes is something that even the most experienced punters still do, as it is a great way to increase the likelihood of a successful and rewarding bet.

Aside from allowing you insight into which online totes are the best to bet on, our comparative and detailed list of the USA’s best online horse racing sites and platforms also offer you a wide range of other vital tips and advice, like stats and updates on the horses, their jockeys and trainers, as well as turf conditions and other relevant information that may affect your bet.

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Check best Online Totes for Thrilling Betting

One of the reasons that betting on the best online totes is so popular amongst bettors of all levels of experience is that it is extremely thrilling. When betting on totes you will not know exactly what your odds are until the very last punter has placed their bet. This makes the racing action even more unpredictable and exciting. If you thought that just betting on horse racing on its own was tremendously exciting, then experience the next level of entertainment by consulting the best online totes before your next bet. The online sports betting sites that we host on our comparative site and that are open to USA punters, will lead you in the right direction when you are wanting to make sure which tote is the best to bet on.

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