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Golf may have originated half a millennium ago in Scotland but, today, it is the United States (home to 50% of the world’s major courses and some of the greatest players of all time) that dominates the sport. And a sport does not get to be that popular without drawing its fair share of fans in search of something beyond mere spectatorship. Golf betting is nearly as old as the sport itself, originating with fun, informal bets amongst the players themselves and growing into a fully-fledged form of sports betting that attracts billions of dollars in wagers annually.

Golf betting has become a booming business largely due to the fact that almost all American online bookmakers now allow punters to weigh in on their favorite tournaments and players via the Internet. But not all American online bookmakers are equal so we have scoured the Web to find the best of the best. The USA online betting sites listed here are safe, fun and easy to use and they offer the ultimate golf betting odds, most exciting bets and biggest payouts you’ll find anywhere online!

Naturally, the first thing you’ll be on the lookout for when searching for the best US online golf betting sites is odds on the most prestigious international events like the Australian Open, PGA Championship, Masters Tournament and, of course, the US Open. Rest assured that the sites listed here offer the ultimate golf betting experience on all of these not-to-be-missed majors.

But there’s more! Be sure to try your hand at wagers on a range of lesser tournaments taking place annually as well as on other divisions such as women’s, second-tier and pro-amateur golf.

Whether you have been punting all your life or you’re a total novice, our premier American online bookmakers have plenty of golf betting options to suit your needs.

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First-time bettors, in search of something simple and straightforward, often opt for tournament bets, which involve putting your money on the outright winner of a whole tournament.

However, while this type of golf betting is fun and can pay out handsomely if you are on the money, predicting an outright tournament winner in golf is a little trickier than it seems at first glance. There are two reasons for this.

First of all, the leading players in golf tournament are often so closely matched that the ultimate winner is really anyone’s guess. Secondly, it occasionally happens that a single player goes on such a strong and extended winning streak that, although your bet is highly likely to pay out, the payout will be quite small – since just about everyone will have their money on that one dominant player.

That is why more experienced punters tend to prefer matchup bets, which involve predicting which of two specific players will perform the best, irrespective of the overall outcome of the tournament.

For a little more spice, golf betting also offers various props bets on events with no direct bearing on the ultimate outcome of the tournament. Examples of these include bets on whether or not there will be a hole in one in a tournament or whether there will be a playoff.

And these are just some of the exciting golf betting varieties on offer at our premier US online sportsbooks.

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