Election Betting Online USA

Whenever there’s an election on, especially a highly significant and widely televised one such as the race for the White House, everyone is suddenly an expert political analyst and bars and dens the world over come alive with excited speculation on which candidate will come out on top.

Sometimes groups of friends even place friendly bets amongst themselves and their gatherings in one another’s homes to watch the televised announcement of the outcome are as festive and exciting as any Superbowl Sunday. And, much to the envy of their friends, some people just seem to have a knack for picking a winner. If you are one of these people, did you know that your neat little party trick could be bringing in a lot more for you than just a few cases of beer?

As it turns out, political punting has become so popular that most internet bookmakers now offer online election betting right alongside horse racing betting, NFL and ice hockey and there is some serious prize money on the table.

Naturally, the US Presidential race is one of the most anticipated national elections as whoever ultimately gets sworn in can have a major impact on global politics. So there’s a lot of online election betting fun to be had come October/November in American election years.

In America, congressional elections are also immensely popular and locals often feel that they are able to make better-educated guesses because they are more familiar with the candidates and political climate in question.

However, because online election betting allows you to wager on political polls around the globe and not just in the States, you won’t have to wait four years for the next election year to place your bets. There are bound to be a number of elections taking place in various countries over the course of any given year.

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Types of Online Election Betting

Depending on your internet bookie of choice, you will either be able to begin online election betting as soon as the candidates are announced or only a few weeks later, once the pool of contenders has gotten a bit smaller.

The most basic type of online election betting is what bookmakers usually refer to as a straight up bet and involves simply making a prediction on which candidate or party will win.

Moneyline bets are a bit more complicated and involve predicting exactly how many seats each party will take in congress/parliament or the exact vote spread at the final tally – much like online betting on the point spread in sports. Online election betting even allows punters to rank candidates according to how they expect the popular vote to swing.

The Perks on Election Betting Online

Online election betting resembles traditional sports betting in that it leaves plenty of room for strategy. Just as you might monitor a football player’s fitness level, previous performances, team rapport and such, you can keep track of a politician’s movements, scandals, public opinion and so forth. Based on this information, punters (just like voters) are able to make much more informed choices when they make their selections.

The biggest trap to steer clear of with online election betting is to view your bet as a vote. If you want your bet to pay out, you need to put your money on the candidate who is most likely to win – even if that means betting against your own personal favorite!