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Everybody loves the game “where amazing happens” and celebrity faces are regular fixtures on the courtside, with Jack Nicholson being known as a Lakers man, Samuel L. Jackson backing the Toronto Raptors and even President Obama finding a favorite in hometown team, the Chicago Bulls.

Unfortunately though, even Barrack can’t make it to every single game. After all, there are more than 80 of them a year! That doesn’t mean we have to miss out on any of the action though. Thanks to the immense popularity of the sport, all games are screened live on television and, for those of us who like to add to the fun by making a good old-fashioned wager, we can now place bets miles from the court via online NBA betting.

But, with so many NBA betting sites to choose from, you may be finding it a little challenging to settle on one. That’s where we come in! We have worked our way through hundreds of American online sportsbooks to find you the best possible NBA betting experience, with highly competitive odds, an exciting variety of wagers, huge payouts and so much more. All of these sites also offer maximum deposit security and a fun, easy-to-use interface.

Naturally, the most common wager is the standard moneyline bet, where you choose a specific team to win a particular game. You can also home in on a single half of the game or bet in advance on the side that you think will take the playoffs or even the entire NBA Championship. Wagers made far in advance like this are called futures bets and they come with their own exciting risks and advantages.

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NBA Online Betting USA

The beauty of NBA betting is that there is almost always a game on. 82 games take place between October and April, which puts two of the 30 teams from the USA and Canada on your screen nearly every single night.

And then there’s the WBA and college basketball, with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) March Madness tournament, culminating in the Final Four weekend, bringing 68 more teams to the court.

Mobile NBA Betting US

Then there are point spread bets that require your team not only to win but to win by a certain number of points, depending on their current standing, in order for your wager to pay out. Another form of NBA betting that looks closely at points are totals, which involve predicting what the collective score of both teams will be at the end of the game.

You can also make things a little more interesting by making props (proposition) bets. Player props are especially popular and allow you to weigh in on individual players’ statistics, such as rebounds, points scored and assists.

But you’ll find the ultimate NBA betting rush in live betting, which actually allows you to place bets during the game, waiting patiently until the odds turn in your favor to make your move.

US NBA Betting

Few sports have more identifiable determining factors than the NBA. By considering things like player and team form, injuries, trades, home and away stats, drafts, suspensions, and the like, you can significantly improve your chances of placing a winning bet.

All that remains is for you to select a few of our fine American online bookmakers, shop around for the best odds and bonus bets, and start your NBA betting adventure today!