NHL Betting at leading USA bookies

The National Hockey League (NHL) may have originated in Canada back in 1917 but, with the USA now contributing 23 of the 30 member clubs and an increasing number of US players taking to the ice, it’s now about as American as apple pie and the 4th of July.

Whether we’re fans of the Rangers, the Blackhawks, the Red Wings, or any other team, NHL supporters are a passionate bunch. We love cheering on our teams and we especially love a good old-fashioned friendly bet amongst our friends on which team will take the Stanley Cup each year.

In fact, many of us often wish that we could take our NHL betting up a notch and place larger, more interesting bets to stand in line for bigger wins. But, short of climbing in the car and heading to Vegas every time there’s a game on, it seems like small gentlemen’s wagers are our only option, right?

Wrong. Right now, as you sit at your computer, you could be engaged in thrilling NHL betting via countless online American sportsbooks that now offer a host of exciting wagers on every game in the league. Moreover, if you own a smartphone or tablet computer, you could take the online NHL betting fun with you, wherever you go!

Although standard moneyline wagers on which team will win a particular match are loads of fun, NHL betting has so much more to offer besides. The most significant of these NHL betting alternatives are pucklines and totals.

Since NHL games are often decided by just a single goal, puckline bets have emerged, by which punters attempt to predict whether or not the favored team will win by two or more goals. Pucklines are actually a form of props (proposition) bets with other popular NHL betting varieties including props on who will score the first goal or whether or not there will be a shootout or a tie.

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Totals, as their name implies, are bets on the total collective score of both teams at the end of a game and they tend to range between 5 and 7.

Of course, there is no substitute for the pulse-racing action of NHL live betting, which sees punters placing their bets as the game is taking place, amid constantly fluctuating odds.

More and More Games for Betting

The NHL season starts in September with exhibition season, which sees the various teams play others from the league as well as European teams such as clubs from the Russian Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). Then, in October, regular season kicks off with a packed schedule that extends all the way through to April.

Finally, NHL betting reaches a fever pitch when the Stanley Cup playoffs whittle down the top teams between April and June until just two remain in contention for the Stanley Cup Championship.

Strategic NHL Betting

Like other forms of sports betting, NHL betting differs from pure gambling in that there are certain identifiable factors that can strongly influence the outcome of a game and, by extension, the likelihood of a wager paying off.

Smart punters keep abreast of developments in the sport such as injuries, trades, drafts, changes to coaching staff, home and away statistics and historical trends in order to place informed bets that have a much stronger chance of working out.

They also shop around for the best American NHL online  betting sportsbooks to get the widest variety of bets, top odds, exciting bonus bets and massive payouts – sportsbooks like those listed right here on this website!